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Fencing from Quadra Wood Products Ltd. comes in three widths: 1x4, 1x6 and 1x8. The lengths are 2' through 6'. We produce five grades of fencing:

Quadra D&BTR Clear

This grade has virtually no knots in the fencing lengths. We allow just the odd small sound tight knot on the re sawn face.

Quadra 2&BTR No Hole

This grade is an excellent all-purpose grade for residential or commercial applications. The characteristics are sound tight knots, no wane on the face, the odd short split and the odd short shake not through.

Quadra #2 Fence

This grade is used for lower-line fences such as those located along highways, backyards or farms. The characteristics of this grade are the same as 2&BTR no hole except we allow 2", 1" holes or the equivalent smaller holes on the face.

Quadra #3 No Hole

The application of this grade is much the same as #2 Fence. The only difference is that it has no through defect. The grade does allow splits, shake and rot on the face, but no wane on the face.

Quadra Commercial Fence

This grade is used where the quality is not an issue. The grade encompasses all the lumber that does not make the above grades. All of the fencing we produce is re-sawn textured face with smooth backs and edges known as SiS2E.

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